Pregnancy & Birth


Hospital Or Home Birth?

A home birth takes a bit of preparation, but not much gear or equipment. It's intimate familiarity appeals to some women. You can hire an independent midwife who will look after you throughout your pregnancy.

There are some things to consider though: You can't have an epidural with a home birth but you can have gas and air, and pethidine, so you are ruling out one form of pain relief before you go into labour. Also If you do have to be transferred into hopsital it can be a pretty painful journey.

If you have decided you need the option of things like epidurals and set visiting times then you need to get in contact your midwife or GP, who will assign you to a consultant unit at a local hospital.

Think about what kind of birth you would like. For example, do you want a water birth? Or are you anxious to avoid a caesarean? Is it important you get to know the midwife who will be helping you deliver beforehand?

Here's a selection of articles designed to help...

Tommy’s launches free phone ‘PregnancyLine’

Free, expert advice on healthy pregnancies

On Monday 25th October baby charity Tommy’s launches its pregnancy information line as a free phone number, thanks to funding from an Asda Foundation grant.  The charity’s qualified midwives can now be called for free on the new Tommy’sPregnancyLine0800 0147 800.

As well as enabling a new free phone number, the grant has funded a training programme for Tommy’s midwives, focusing on three specific areas:providing emotional and bereavement counselling support for women whom have suffered a pregnancy loss or complication through premature birth, miscarriage or stillbirth advice on how best to plan for a baby following a complication lifestyle advice for women most at risk of pregnancy health problems due to smoking, stress, poor diet and obesity

The PregnancyLine will be the only service in the UK to provide this combined service.

Traditionally one midwife gives care to a woman and her family throughout a pregnancy, giving them all chance to get to know one another. Having established a trusting relationship, the same midwife would care for the woman as she birthed her baby and supported the family afterwards. Women who have a close and trusting relationship with their midwife need less pain relief and are less likely to have medical interventions as they birth their babies.