Looking After Babies


Here you are with your very own bundle of joy!  Now what?

We all agree babies are gorgeous but, sometimes, looking after them and knowing what's best for them, and for you, is perplexing.

Here's a selection of articles designed to help....

Washable cloth nappies, or ‘real’ nappies, are fast becoming the popular modern alternative to disposables. Gone are the days of the old Terry squares, safety pins and endless boil washes - modern real nappies fit like disposables and can be popped into the washing machine for a 40 or 60 degree wash.

Mums who want their babies to look incredibly cute as well as keeping them snug and warm will adore the gorgeous Snugsuit and Fluffy Baby Blanket from Koo-di.

For babies, play is serious business. It’s something they have a natural instinct for that allows freedom of mind and of movement.

Imagine feeding off a liquid diet for six months. If we drank nothing but milk for half a year! And then, suddenly, we started eating solid food.

Life with a small baby can be hard work and quite a challenge if you have been used to a routine at work...

Filled with all the nutrients necessary for the first six months, breast milk offers your baby the best possible start in life.

Everyone knows that massage helps with relaxation, and a lot of parents are aware of the benefits of baby massage for their babies.